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5 tips for your laser hair removal service

Laser hair removal service is a procedure that more and more Australian men and women are continuing enjoying the benefits of. After all, who doesn’t want to get rid of those pesky hairs that pop up where we don’t want them to? And since most people report a 90% permanent reduction in hair growth of treated areas, laser hair removal service is a great choice.

Before you book your laser hair removal service, there’s a few things you should know. We’ve listed the top 5 laser hair removal pointers that will help you on your way to silky, hair-free skin!

Avoid sun tanning of all kinds before and during your laser hair removal service sessions.

Yes, this does include fake tans! If you’ve had sun exposure within two weeks of your laser hair removal service session, you’ll need to reschedule. This is to avoid the laser sizzling any of the pigment in your skin. If you’re someone who enjoys spending your summer days lazing on the beach, we’d recommend opting to undergo laser hair removal service in the winter. And those fake tans? It’s important to make sure all of the fake tan has been removed from your skin before your appointment.

Shave before your appointments, never wax.

For your laser hair removal service to be effective, you need to keep the hair follicle in the root. On the other hand, you don’t want any of the hair sitting above the skin either so make sure you shave around 24 hours prior to your laser hair removal service session with a sharp, fresh blade.

Don’t apply anything to your skin before appointments.

For your laser hair removal service to be most effective, you need to have clean, dry skin. Moisturiser or any other skincare product may produce a barrier that will inhibit the laser so always avoid putting anything on your skin beforehand. We will use a gel to aid the laser during the session.

Be prepared to have multiple treatments.

Laser hair removal service doesn’t work in one session, nor does it completely remove hair altogether. It’s a hair reduction tool that requires multiple treatments to be most effective. The amount of sessions will depend on the hair you’re trying to remove and how dense it is. Dark, coarse hair is most readily removed. Blonde hairs will likely not respond to treatment at all.

Follow the recommended laser hair removal service aftercare procedures.

It’s normal to have a little irritation after treatment. You may notice some redness and sensitivity that should pass within 24-48 hours. Avoid exercise or excessive heat (such as hot showers) for at least 24 hours post your laser hair removal service. We may recommend some products that will aid in the healing process.

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