Skin Care Clinic Tamworth - Acne Treatments

How our skin care clinic in Tamworth can help you get rid of acne

Here at Refresh Rejuvenate, our skin care clinic in Tamworth, we take the task for combating your acne and breakouts very seriously. If it’s an issue you’ve been managing for quite some time, it can feel as though it’s never going to get any better. However, with the right care—inside and out—you can overcome your skin challenges for good.

At our Tamworth skin care clinic, we have an arsenal of acne-fighting tools and knowledge at our disposal. Let’s take a look at some of the changes you can make at home as well as some of the treatments we can offer you in our skin care clinic that will support your efforts.

Changes you can make at home to support clearer skin

Address your diet

Sometimes a skin problem can be perpetuated by a lack of nutrition or poor quality food choices. For radiant, clear skin we need to ensure we’re feeding ourselves with loads of nutrients. In order for any treatments you have in our Tamworth skin care clinic to be most effective, you will need to support yourself nutritionally as well. Some of the key nutrients for our skin include zinc, vitamin C, B group vitamins, essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Check out this helpful blog by nutritionist Dr Libby for more on which foods to eat for more of these nutrients.

Drink more water

If you see any of us at our Tamworth skin care clinic, chances are one of the first questions we’ll ask you about is whether you drink enough water! We need around 2 litres of water in order for our kidneys to do their important job of filtering and removing waste from our blood. Sufficient hydration is also required for good elimination. If our digestion and elimination pathways aren’t working well, it can lead to skin breakouts. So again, it’s important to support your any treatments you have with us in our Tamworth skin care clinic by keeping yourself well hydrated.

Treatments at our Tamworth skin care clinic that will help you combat acne


One of the first steps we will likely take with you when you come to our Tamworth skin care clinic is to book you in for microdermabrasion. Not always, but it’s often the best place to start. As a gentle, non-invasive treatment, it’s a great option for drawing impurities out of the skin. Here’s a helpful blog we wrote on microdermabrasion and how it can help you address your acne and breakouts.

LED Light Therapy

Another acne treatment we offer in our Tamworth skin care clinic is LED light therapy. This technology was developed by NASA and helps to repair skin cells by building collagen and elastin to repair your skin.


Also non-invasive and highly effective for acne is the blue IPL treatment. This technique involves delivering light impulses to the deeper layers of your skin which can promote healing and regeneration. Our Tamworth skin care clinic specialises in IPL. Our highly experienced technicians will chat to you about how this treatment can help to support your skin on the road to recovery.

Medical Grade Facials

Combining medical grade compounds with advanced techniques, the medical grade facials we are famous for in our Tamworth skin care clinic are designed to address specific skin concerns—including acne. They work well in combination with microdermabrasion, in particular.

If, after reading this, you’re still scratching your head wondering which treatments are best for you—don’t worry! When you come into our Tamworth skin care clinic, we’ll do a comprehensive consultation to assess your skin. Then we’ll recommend the best course of action for you to take. Enquire today to learn how we can guide you to clear, radiant, acne-free skin!