What is Mesoestetic?

Mesoestetic, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical laboratory in the field of dermatology and cosmetic medicine. Mesoestetic provides gold standard solutions to pigmentation and melasma with excellent skin care remedies. 

Melasma is a common pigmentary disorder that predominately affects areas impacted most by the radiation of the sun, appears most commonly on your cheeks, nose, chin, above the upper lip and forehead, it sometimes affects your arms neck and back. Mesoestetic sells cutting edge treatments and many products that are aimed at curing this condition.

Mesoprotech Technology

Mesoestetic offers a selection of products known as Mesoprotech ranging from sunscreen to anti-ageing creams that are easily applied to the face. These creams avoid the hassle of invasive treatments while still providing great results. The Mesoprotech range offers advanced sunscreen technology, which provides protection against different types of radiation like infrared radiation and visible light. While also containing formulas that ensure safe and efficient antioxidants and anti-ageing properties, which stimulate production of collagen while avoiding skin photoaging. Preventing skin cancers with 4 sun blocking filters, available in product.


Is a treatment that is currently extremely popular within the skin care and cosmetic industry. Which has been clinically proven to produce satisfying results within 4 weeks of treatment. The treatment is a two-step process: the procedure done in-clinic and the at home skin care routine, assuring quality results for all types of pigmentation and melasma.

Clinical Research 

With Cosmelan, improvement is anticipated within 1-4 weeks, which is much faster than bleaching agents, which generally require 6-12 weeks to initiate depigmentation.

In the Cosmelan trial,6 female patients were instructed to use the depigmenting compound (Cosmelan)and moisturisers advocated by Mesoestetic in conjunction with bland cleaners. They were not expected to refrain from normal sun exposure of outdoor activities.

Melasma severity was scored with the melasma Severity Index (MASI), Visa Skin Analysis and objective and subjective photographs at baseline and at 4 weeks.

All six subjects experienced significant depigmentation of melasma, not only at study cessation but evidenced at 7 days following twice daily application of Cosmelan cream. All six subjects also expressed improvement in the overall aesthetic appearance of the skin at 14 days.

Cosmelan treatments are suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types and can be used all year round due to the incorporation of chemical UV filters.

How can Refresh Rejuvenate help?

Refresh Rejuvenate has undertaken advanced specialist training to become a privileged registered Mesoestetic Specialised Depigmentation Clinic, which reflects Refresh Rejuvenates commitment to bringing you the absolute best so you can be your very best.

We stock Mesoprotech sunscreens and other crucial anti-ageing products which are dermatologically tested and water resistant allowing for efficient and satisfying results. Our staff are equipped with all necessary certification and training for specialised depigmentation, due to many years of experience of applying advanced techniques. 

Results with Rosalie

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